How to Remove TriTats – Easy!

If you remember from my Augusta 70.3 race report Chris and I both decided to use temporary race number tattoos from TriTats for the first time.  The application process was super easy – just like any temporary tattoo from your childhood!  Stick them onto skin, wet them with a paper towel for 30 seconds or so, and peel off the backing, leaving clear, bold numbers that last all day through swimming, biking, running (and sweating!  lots of sweating!).  However, I’d heard all over social media, people expressing frustration with the removal process.  I’d heard of athletes scrubbing skin raw in the shower, using chemicals such as alcohol, nail polish remover, and worse.  But then I received some advice from a fellow athlete while waiting at the swim start of the race, and this removal technique was so easy and quick I wanted to share it with all of you!  The secret??  Clear

plastic packing tape!  Tear off a strip long enough to cover all the numbers on your arm, press down pretty firmly to really make it stick, and pull it off.  No, it did not hurt!  (But I don’t have hairy arms either, so there’s that…).  But the tattoo numbers stuck to the tape and came off pretty quickly, and painlessly.  I will say the first tape pull only took off about 75% of the numbers, so I did it a second time.  After the second time, the numbers were gone.  A few stray specks of black, but nothing noticeable at all.  The whole process took about 3 minutes, including my calf age number!

after two tape applications – gone!!

I don’t plan on using TriTats for every sprint or short triathlon in the future, but I have to say they were amazing for my half-iron distance race and I will definitely use them again for long races.  No worries about sharpie marker smearing on myself or my race clothing, and let’s be honest – they make your pictures look extra cool as well!  No wonder TriTats tagline is #LookLikeAPro!


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